Who We Are & What We Do

We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating philanthropy and enhancing community life through the establishment of endowed funds (Waqf) & responsible grant making in Canada.

By joining us, you will get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many Canadians, as well as establish future community initiatives that are important to YOU. It is our goal, as your partner in philanthropy, to make YOUR visions a reality.


At the Olive Tree Foundation, it is our mission to promote and perpetuate philanthropy and enhance community life through responsible grant making in Canada. This mission is made possible through the creation and growth of endowment funds, the income from which goes towards funding community grants. It is our goal to enable our communities to realize their full potential.

The Foundation maintains effective stewardship over all assets entrusted to it; distributes grants that reflect donors’ wishes and community priorities; and provides leadership in the Muslim and general communities.


The Olive Tree Foundation was founded in 2004 by civic leaders and philanthropists within the Canadian Muslim community.

The Foundation was formed to attract and manage permanent endowment funds and to distribute income from those funds back to the community. An endowment foundation (Waqf) is an institution that has been part of the Islamic historical experience and has, in the past, provided for the flourishing of Muslim contributions to societies. The establishment of such an institution in Canada will provide a vehicle for leaving an ongoing legacy to all communities in Canada.

We provide grants to registered charitable organizations for projects that maintain or improve quality of life in the community. Our Foundation has the mandate to act as a catalyst for community initiatives that support and sustain our community. Unlike other charities, which are usually dedicated to a single cause, the Foundation supports a range of charitable activities in our community: social, community and health services; education and library services; policy institutes and think tanks; and arts, culture & heritage. As a result of these unique mandates, we can provide seed funding for new projects or other initiatives that might otherwise fall between the cracks. Learn more about our Grants HERE.

Beyond endowments and grants, we provide scholarships and bursaries annually to students who are in their final year of high school and entering their first year of university or college. Currently, the Olive Tree Foundation distributes 5 awards, which are handed out to successful recipients at an annual appreciation gala. Learn more about our Scholarship & Bursary Awards HERE.


The guiding principles of the Olive Tree Foundation are to provide support where there is genuine need, build on the strengths of the community and encourage innovation and community development.

  • Promote the growth, development and success of community endeavors within the Foundations areas of interest
  • Provide philanthropic leadership
  • Manage funds responsibly while respecting Islamic financial principles
  • Operate in an open, accessible and ethical manner
  • Encourage and nurture innovation
  • Strengthen community capacity and volunteerism
  • Enable and encourage human growth, dignity, inclusiveness, fairness and the equality of all people
  • Work as a catalyst within the charitable sector
  • Develop partnerships
  • Promote sustainability

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