Community Funds

This is an open, non-designated fund, where the income is used to support worthy projects in the community. This fund is designed for flexibility and impact, based on changing community needs and emerging opportunities. The Community Fund allows the Foundation to take a leadership role in the development of the community.

The Board of Directors is particularly grateful for the far-sighted generosity of donors who have established funds within the Community Fund. The Community Fund grows through your generosity as well through undesignated donations to the Foundation, all of which are added to this fund. The bigger the Community Fund, the better the opportunity to serve the best interests of our community.

Named Funds within the Community Fund

You may establish a fund in your own name or your family name, enabling grants to be made in your name in perpetuity. A minimum donation of $5,000 is required to establish a named fund, which may be paid over a five-year period. The fund will be named after the complete amount has been endowed. Named funds can be expanded in subsequent years by further donations.

Current Community Funds:

Zahid & Sherida Ali Family Fund

Muneeb & Fanieza Nasir Family Fund

Azeem Khan Memorial Fund

Mohamed & Jameran Haniff Memorial Fund

M4S Fund

Roshan & Nazmoon Ali Family Fund

Canadian Women’s Educational Scholarship Fund

Saleem Haniff & Nailah Qadeer Family Fund

Shamim & Farida Siddiqi Family Fund 

The Ashraf Foundation

Hyatt & Zabeida Shaffeeullah Family Fund

Mohamed, Umm Kulsum & Rahman Khan Family Fund

Hazrat Akbar  & Esther Nazmoon Ali Family Fund

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