Fields of Interest

The Olive Tree Foundation provides community grants for organizations dedicated towards the following fields of interests:

  • Social and Health Services – Includes projects that benefit the social and health sectors within the community. This includes, but is not limited to, projects and organizations that are dedicated towards mental health services, disability services, homeless shelters, and/or food banks. An example of a project that falls within this field of interest that Olive Tree Foundation has funded is the Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities (CAMD)/Muslim Educational Network, Training and Outreach Service (MENTORS) project “Towards an Inclusive Ummah – Muslims with Disabilities speak out!”
  • Education and Library Services – Includes projects that perpetuate learning (mentoring programs, homework clubs, etc), enhance literacy and increase the use of library resources. These projects benefit the community at large, and specifically marginalized populations. An example of a project that falls within this field of interest and funded by the Olive Tree Foundation has funded is the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Toronto project “Youth In-School Mentoring in Toronto’s Somali Community”.
  • Policy Institutes/Think Tanks – The Olive Tree Foundation will fund organizations, or groups that conduct research, and engage in advocacy towards a wide variety of community issues (social policy, economy, political strategy, etc).
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage – Includes community arts, culture and heritage projects that demonstrate a unique vision and incorporate the needs of the community at large. The project illustrates how these three areas can be used as a tool towards community progress. An example of a heritage grant distributed by the Olive Tree Foundation includes the Tesselate Institutes and IDRF’s project “Mosque One: Oral Histories of Toronto’s First Mosque
  • Environment – Includes projects that support local environmental initiatives, as well as promote sustainable living. These can include, but are not limited to, recycling programs, tree-planting campaigns, enhancing local landscapes such as community parks and gardens, and sustainable energy programs.
  • Community Economic Development – Includes projects that support and sustain the economy of the community that you live in. As such, grants can be issued to small businesses or beginning entrepreneurs who are contributing towards economic activity within their respective communities.
We provide grants for a wide variety of programs that cater to children, family, youth AND seniors. OTF believes in nurturing and encouraging our current and next generation of leaders. We fund programs that encourage at-risk youth to stay in school, that provide guidance and mentoring to young people, help cover the cost of university education and much  more!

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The Olive Tree Foundation is a philanthropic organization that promotes community development through the collection of endowed funds, the earnings of which are used to fund services for the long-term benefit of the community.


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